Youth Programs

We offer a number of programs to nurture the faith of our youth...

During the summer our youth have a slightly different schedule - Youth grades 7 and up will meet with Youth Intern Abe Johnson every Sunday after the service from 10:45 - 11:30am

Classes are held every Sunday,  9:15am - 10:15am

J2A (Grades 8-9) J2A =Journey to Adulthood. Teens will live into Christian community as they commit to one another, fostering deep relationships through prayer, rites of passage, Bible study, service, and playful activities, celebrating God's free gift of manhood and womanhood while learning the ways of true adulthood.  A highlight for the J2Aers is planning and embarking on a pilgrimage at the end of two years - during the summer of 2017. Led by Maclore Christensen and Erik Johnson. 

Dragonsporks (Grades 10-12): You'll find our recently returned ex-J2A pilgrims meeting "in exile" in the corner of the atrium, engaging in lively theological debate and playing a boardgame or two.  With their pilgrimage completed, they have graciously handed their room on to the new J2A group, but their community is going strong.

To learn more about opportunities for learning, friendship, and ministry available to youth, contact Terese Lewis, or 651-487-6404