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Sunday Night

Every Sunday night we host a free, community meal at 5:30 and Night Prayer at 7:00pm.  

Beginning Jan. 4, we are experimenting with a short period of reversing the order of the drop in dinner and the evening service.  Since we’ve noticed many of you wanting to hang out and talk after the service, we thought we’d give you the chance by having dinner afterward!  On Jan. 4 the evening service will begin at 5:30, and the drop in dinner will go from 6:30 - 7:30. 

Anyone is welcome to attend one or both happenings. The meal is relaxed and informal. Occasionally we have potlucks and special events.

The Sunday night service is simple, casual, celebratory and short (usually about 45 minutes). The service is made up of spoken prayers (liturgy), a brief reflection from Scripture, live music and communion. The music selection includes contemporary and world music as well as original songs by members of our community. Night Prayer is designed to be approachable for those unfamiliar with liturgy or church, flexible in its format yet deep enough to invite God's presence.