Living Faith: Trees

Join us for an all ages Living Faith morning on Sunday, April 14.  We will start at 9:15am with a Rob Bell video, "Trees, "  followed by a short discussion period.  We'll round out the morning with planting, creating and painting.  Don't miss it!

All Ages Breadmaking

Please Join Us!  

Sunday, June 10 will be our next Living Faith gathering of all ages.  In keeping with Lenten tradition we will be making communion bread and pretzels in the kitchen.  This replaces the regular education hour for grades K -1 and older.  The preschool class will continue to meet in their regular classroom.

Lenten Series: "Cry to the Lord"


 Lenten Evening Reflection:  "Cry to the Lord." 

 A conversation with  Dr. Chris Scharen, Professor of Worship at Luther Seminary.  


Thursday, March 7:   7:00pm.  This session examines the character of God's listening, again, in the Psalms and other scriptures, in pop culture, and in our lives. The idea would be to sketch the range of our rage and sorrow held up before God, and the depth of God's ability and desire to be with us in our rage and sorrow, listening so deeply, so fully, that all heaven must keep silence.

A soup supper will precede the discussion at 6:00pm