Ministry Fair

Please join us for an opportunity to share the many wonderful ministries of St. Matthew’s at the first annual Ministry Fair immediately following the 10:30 service on Sunday, September 18th. 

The fair will offer our ministry teams a chance to distribute materials and offer information to interested parishioners and visitors. It will also be a good way to learn more about ministry and volunteer opportunities. 

This will give all of us an opportunity to see where our untapped gifts might be useful and where we might find new opportunities to serve. The followig ministries will be represented on the 18th:

  • Loaves & Fishes
  • HMI
  • The Blue House
  • Women's Retreat
  • The City
  • Altar Guild
  • Parish Choir
  • Prayer Leaders & Readers
  • Children and Youth Faith Formation
  • Vergers
  • Healing

All Ages Gathering

All ages will meet in the parish hall for a celebratory breakfast at 9:00am.  We will hear from ministry leaders about their hopes and dreams for the future and how our building supports their ministries or gets in the way.

Please make every effort to join us for this fun event as we continue to discern what God might be calling us to do with our building.

Rosa Uy has agreed to organize the breakfast.  Please bring a dish to share.


Living Without Enemies

Discussion of Living Without Enemies: Being Present in the Midst of Violence by Samuel Wells & Marcia Owen Book Discussion continues July 13 & 20 from 7-8:30 pm in the St. Matthew’s Library “This is a book about violence, especially gun violence in one city. But it has applications well beyond that issue and well beyond that city. It is a book about overcoming powerlessness and fear. It is written for any who feel drawn to care about issues that plague our lives and societies, and to care about the people at the center of them, but who are unsure how to engage with such issues and are paralyzed with fear at the prospect of meeting those most closely involved in them. It’s about learning to love the stranger and making first steps in forming relationships across social boundaries. It’s for those who are discovering that poverty is a mask we put on a person to cover up his or her real wealth and that wealth is a disguise we put on a person to hide his or her profound poverty. In the end, this book aspires to a renewal of the Christian vision not just of ministry but also of God. (p. 17)” Living With Enemies explores the aforementioned issues through the lens of one woman’s rich and challenging experience as a mother and friend, and then as the part-time director of Religious Coalition for a Nonviolent Durham. It also examines the various ways we can be “for” or “with” others, and the many lessons and spiritual practices God teaches us along the way. To participate please rsvp to Blair Pogue at Books are available for purchase for $17.