Cook's Night Out

Join us at Ghebre Restaurant, located at 521 N. Snelling Ave in St. Paul. We decided to patronize this newly opened Ethiopian restaurant. They are competitively located across from Fasika, which was our last gathering. This will give us a chance to compare the 2 Ethiopian restaurants in our neighborhood.

Faith Forum: Leslie Barlow

We welcome Artist Leslie Barlow, who painted a commissioned portrait of Beatrice Garubanda, a saint of St. Matthew's.

Join us in the library for a conversation with Leslie about the creative process, her artistic journey and our collective memories of Beatrice.

The late Beatrice Garubanda was the founder of the Blue House and a longtime member of our parish.

We honor her memory and important place in the life of our church by installing her portrait in the chuch sanctuary this Sunday at the 10:30am service.


Art and Memory Loss

The Undercroft Gallery is hosting "In a New Voice" - featuring the art of adults with memory loss.

In our Faith Forum at 9:15am, we will host Sandra Menefee Taylor and Sue Ryan from the Wilder Foundation.

They will discuss with us their experiences working with art and adults with memory loss in their Adult Day Health Program.

All are welcome to attend.

Loaves & Fishes Discernment

Our Social Justice Ministry Team would like to invite you to a time of sharing, listening, and discernment focused on St. Matthew's Loaves and Fishes ministry. For many, many years St. Matthew's has served a meal at Loaves and Fishes (at the Dorothy Day Center in St. Paul) 4-6 times a year to neighbors who are hungry.

Our Fearless Leader Dave McKenna is "retiring" as head of this ministry in November, so it's a good time to gather for prayer, to assess how the ministry is going, and to see if we feel called to continue this ministry in the days ahead -- or desire to put our time and energy elsewhere.

If the congregation wishes to continue serving at Loaves and Fishes, we will need a new leader to oversee the entire ministry, as well as leaders of different components of the ministry. We are so thankful to Jeff Larsen, Paul Kienhe, Ed Lotterman, Cheryl Oilman, and Marilyn Grantham for helping out with shopping, overseeing the cooking and serving teams, and organizing the cookies/bars.

Please join our Social Justice Ministry leaders and me in the St. Matthew's Library on Wednesday, September 7 at 7 pm for this important time of reflection and discernment. If you can't be there, please feel free to email me feedback that can be shared with the group