More About Being New to St Matt's

What's in the Service?

Our worship service include readings from the Old and New Testaments, a selection from the Book of Psalms, a sermon based on the day's scriptures, an affirmation of faith using one of the Creeds, congregational prayers, several congregational hymns and choral offerings, and a celebration of communion (Holy Eucharist). During the regular church year (September - May) the 10:30 am service follows the Episcopal Rite II, using "everyday" language and a full choir. Throughout the year, we experiment a bit by using Anglican liturgies from around the world. A more contemporary service is offered at 5:30pm - "Night Prayer+Eucharist." This service is followed by a free community dinner at 6:30pm. 

Follow Along. The leaflet is the basic guide to the service. Most of what you need is found here. Sometimes, we'll refer to the black Book of Common Prayer in your pew. Hymns are in the red Hymnal or in a hymn book given to you when you enter.

You Can Participate. Episcopal worship is participatory. We generally stand to sing, sit during readings and the sermon, and stand or kneel during prayer. Practices vary--even among individual Episcopalians. Some -- but by no means all of us -- kneel or cross ourselves at various points in the service. These actions are personal aids to worship and are purely optional. Please, do what you find comfortable.

You are welcome to take communion. You may take the bread and wine, the bread only, or choose not to leave your seat at all. The communion table is God's table, and God's generosity is great. Children may come forward with their parents for communion or a blessing.

Join Us for our 7-minute Welcome. Immediately following our morning service we offer visitors a 7-minute (no more!) welcome to St. Matthew's. Just come up the front of the church and we'll give you a quick introduction to who we are and what we do. And, if you'd like, we'll accompany you downstairs to join our coffee hour, where we'll introduce you to some other folks.

Thank you for worshiping at St. Matthew's!

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