Way of Jesus

The Way of Life

St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church is a community of people invited by Christ to meet him at his table, in each other, and in our neighbors.  As apprentices, we practice following the Way of Jesus as expressed in the Anglican tradition, in the power of the Spirit, so we can participate in God’s healing of ourselves and the world. We understand Jesus’ Way to embody these themes:

  • Story: Learning God’s story and finding ourselves in it
  • Prayer: Attending with openness to God and the world
  • Simplicity: Decluttering our lives so we can be faithfully present to God and one another
  • Discernment: Reflecting together on what God is up to in our lives and neighborhood using scripture, tradition, and reason.
  • Reconciliation: Joining God’s movement to heal and bring people into relationship across differences
  • Hospitality: Opening space in our hearts and lives to give and receive in relationship with neighbors and strangers
  • Generosity: Trusting in God’s abundance and sharing what God has entrusted to us
  • Gratitude: Living lives of thanksgiving for everything God has given us, and breaking bread with others in this spirit.

Every Sunday at 9:15am in the library, we will discuss one of the above themes. 


The list on the right side of this page is intended to be a resource for the congregation and the wider community.  We would like to include personal reflections, postings on our blog, videos and other resources to help us live this way more intentionally.