Welcome to St. Matthew's! Located in St. Paul's picturesque St. Anthony Park neighborhood, St. Matthew's is a church that will speak to your mind, your heart, and your senses.

We are an Episcopal church that blends the traditional and the contemporary. We are located in a lovely old building that has modern amenities. Our worship draws not only from traditional Episcopal liturgies, but also from liturgies used in other parts of the world. We are medium-sized, meaning that we are large enough to sustain vital programs, but small enough that you can still get to know most of the people in the congregation. We are located in an attractive city neighborhood and include a broad mix of young and old, families and singles, from a wide variety of backgrounds.

While St. Matthew's may seem like several other churches in the Twin Cities area, we are particularly characterized by:

  • A desire to go deeper spiritually
  • A global perspective
  • Artistic expression
  • Hospitality
  • Community leadership

If you would like to read more about these topics, please visit our More about St. Matthew's page.