Dinner Church

Begin Advent around one table

Once a quarter, St. Matthew's evening community integrates our worship service and dinner and worships while eating around one table. Dinner Church is a way to laugh, play, wonder, and dwell in scripture, prayer, and God's presence--while not being too formal.

What to expect:

The meal is pot luck.
If this is your first time to our evening community, though, don't worry--guests don't have to bring something unless it's really important to you. There will be a quick sign up on the City to let us know if you're planning to bring a main dish, side dish, or a desert. 

We will gather at 5:30 in the undercroft. Dinner church meets downstairs in the parish hall under the sanctuary. We will have an opening prayer and welcome Advent with the traditional lighting of the advent wreath, and then pass the food around the table. We eat during the first part of the service. (This is especially important for little ones who don't want to wait for a whole lot of talking before they can eat!)

We will hear scripture, and then reflect on it together.
At Dinner Church, rather than hearing a sermon, we reflect together on how the scripture is engaging with us. What strikes our imagination? What do we want to ask a scholar about? How is God speaking to us through this scripture? What is beautiful about it, or what makes us uncomfortable?

We pray for our selves, our community, and our world.
With guidance from the worship leader, we will spend time in open prayer.

We will have communion.
After a short break to share the peace, clear the table (and maybe grab a second desert...) we will have communion and pass the bread and wine around the table. Each of us serves one another.

We will sing simple songs together.
The songs we sing will be easy to follow along without hymn books or much musical talent, and we will just rest in the joy of singing together.

Questions? Want to know more, or try it out for the first time?
Contact: Maggie Nancarrow at maggie@stmatthewsmn.org