Our Vision:

Every member of St. Matthew's will live into the spiritual practice of generosity as part of the Way of Jesus. This includes freedom from money fear and a commitment to share our time, talent and treasure in the work of the church with genuine excitement and anticipation. 

God calls us to be givers. Most of us already feel that call and respond to it. But God is calling us even deeper into relationship with God, to trust God through giving up to  and even past the traditional tithe. By tithing we learn to trust in God's abundance.

What we say about giving comes from love. We love others and we want what is best for all of us.

Do you want to learn more about this important spiritual practice? Here are several links and attachments that delve more deeply into generosity and it's critical role in our community.

Generosity and Pledging: What is a Tithe?

Generosity Reflections from St. Matthew's parishioners

Luther Seminary's Center for Stewardship is a great resource on this topic.

See Dan's presentation at the 2017 Annual Meeting below.

Key Information about Generosity and Pledging in 2017

We are looking for Contact People from the congregation to connect with four families about generosity and giving this October and November. On October 22, we will have a Generosity Lunch (11:30) and Dinner (6:30) after the morning and evening services respectively. On October 29, you are invited to bring your pledge cards to church and make your commitment to supporting St. Matthew's in 2018.

To become a contact person, or to discuss generosity and giving more in depth, please contact Dan White at You may also read Dan's presentation to the congregation on Sept 10, 2017 by clicking on the attachment below.

Facts about Finances & Pledging at St. Matthew's

St. Matthews does not have an endowment. This means that our budget is based solely on our members' yearly pledges, and any surplus from the previous year.

Our average (mean) pledge is $3,495 per year.

Our median pledge (the point at which there are an equal number of greater and lesser amounts) is $2,400 per year, or $200 per month.

For the 2017 budget year, 106 families pledged a total of $370,006. Our annual budget was $410,000.

Read more about our financial practices by reading the Treasurer's talk from 9/17 about how the St. Matt's budgeting and finance practices work, found in the attachment section below.