UEC "Friendraiser"

University Episcopal Community (UEC) Friendraiser: August 16 at 7 PM
The University Episcopal Community is a young adult & campus ministry that meets on the campus of the University of Minnesota. With a mission of "Blessing Minneapolis with Stories & Meals," we do things like creative evening worship, Storytelling Fundraisers for local non-profits, and work with food justice & intentional community. We just received a grant to explore starting a food truck that builds community and feeds food insecure students.
We are looking to share our story and build a network of partners and collaborators. Join us for a friendraiser on August 16th at 7 PM where you can hear our story, share your story and dream together about inspired missional possibilities for the future. If you are a UEC alum, interested in campus ministry, food justice, storytelling, community or all of the above, please join us! We will meet at the home of Susan Monkmeyer and Howard Quednau located at 2 Red Cedar Lane in Minneapolis.
Note: This is NOT a fundraiser--you can leave your checkbook at home. This is an evening about raising friends and sharing stories. Please let us know if you can join us by RSVPing to Steve Mullaney